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Barts Centenary UMC

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Barts Centenary United Methodist Church
Littlestown Area
Littlestown, Pennsylvania

What is your mission at Barts Centenary

Flood Buckets, Health Kits and School Kits



United Brethren Church
Barts Church
Centenary Church


Barts~Centenary United Methodist Church

The history of Barts Centenary United Methodist Church involves three congregations, and reflects the history of our nation and the Littlestown area over the last 175 years. On the following pages are facts about these three congregations( Barts EUB, Centenary United Methodist and Littlestown United Brethren) and the buildings that were used.

Barts (UB) and Centenary (Methodist) Church are closely linked in local history as well as denominational history and doctrinal statements. In 1991 the congregations of these two churches were blended to enhance ministry through better stewardship of available resources.

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Memories of our Church