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Barts Centenary UMC

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Barts Centenary United Methodist Church
Littlestown Area
Littlestown, Pennsylvania

What is your mission at Barts Centenary

Flood Buckets, Health Kits and School Kits

Barts Centenary United Methosdsit Church
Ministry Guide

Where do you fit and how can you Serve?

Ministry at home and connecting with the world!
Helping to build a Caring Community
and a world filled with Christ Like Love.

Crop Walk

Working through Compassion International
Possible Missions in Littlestown

Printable Mail in Information form for Opportunities

What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?

Administration Intercession
Apostleship Knowledge
Discernment Leadership
Encouragement Mercy
Evangelism Miracles
Exhortation (Counseling) Pastor
Faith Prophecy
Giving Service
Healing Shepherding
Helps Teaching
Hospitality Wisdom

What other gifts do you have that you can use in our church?

Artistic Craftsmanship
Creative communications Musical

If you are a member of Christ’s Body, you are required to use you Spiritual Gifts for His purpose.

Look at the area that you could help with. The second line indicates what position you should contact to get involved. The name of that person is listed under administrative staff.

Acolyte adviser - Dave Wolf
Are you tall enough to safely light the candles on the altar? Then you have the skill needed to be an acolyte. Contact Dave Wolf for training.

Adult Choir
Choir Director
Would you like to use your talent of singing. The adult choir provides music at the Sunday morning services at Centenary from October through May. Practice is on Wednesday evenings form 7:00 to 8:00 o’clock.

Bulletin Board Steward
Vision Team or Pastor
Would you like to use your artistic or decorating skills to take care of one of our many bulletin Boards

Children’s Music
Pastor practices with some of the children during a few Sundays during Sunday School and then they sing during worship service.

Children’s Spot
Help provide a short presentation with the children gathered around at Centenary during worship service. Presentation should have a moral or interesting story so that our children better understand God’s Love in our lives.

College Connection
Outreach Team chair
Help with giving and or packing care packages for our youth off at college or in the military.
Or maybe you would be interested in establishing a News letter for our youth or develop an email connection update for these youth.

Help create and gather information for newsletter.
Web master
Help edit, collect information for web site.
Littlestown Community Welcome Program Chair
Help edit, update, improve, or collate and compile the Littlestown Booklet

Communion Preparation
Worship Team Chair
Prepare alter and sacraments for communion on those Sunday that communion is being celebrated at either one of the two churches.

Finance Team
Finance Chair
Serve as a member of the Finance committee, to monitor budget against income, plan fund-raisers, develop strategies to be good stewards in handling church finances.

Food Preparation
United Methodist Women President or Family team Chair
Help prepare food for funeral services, special gatherings, and special occasions

Gardens and Landscaping
Trustees Chair or Church Garden Advisers (Church Garden advisors- Shirley Lindsay and Barbra Steel and Roger Steel)
Do you enjoy working with and designing gardens and landscapes. We have areas in which you can help.

Grape Pumpkin Fest
Grape Pumpkin Festival Chairs - Rond Hedges and Don Lindsay
Help with planting and care of pumpkins, help create crafts for sale table, help with games, help with Scare Crow making, help with food preparation and selling of food, or one of many other task for this Community oriented family event that serves as a fund-raiser for our church.

Worship Team Chair
Serve as a greeter before Worship services to help people feel welcome, give directions when needed and answer any questions visitors might have.

Littlestown Community Welcome Program
Littlestown Community Welcome Committee Chair - Ken THomas and Ron Hedges
Help with up dating booklet, compiling booklet, or with planning and executing welcome event that will be held several times a year for new comers.

Worship Team Chair
Help with reading the liturgy for the worship services at either Barts or Centenary for one month a year.

Money Counters
Worship Team Chair
Help count the money from the worship services each Sunday for one month out of the year.

Nursery Care
Worship Team Chair
Provide nursery care at Centenary during the Worship service on an ongoing schedule established by the Worship Team. Or provide Nursery care for some of the Bible Studies during the week.

Office Support
Folding bulletins, stuffing inserts, collating newsletters, folding newsletters, applying address labels, etc.

Out Reach
Out Reach Chair
Help with planning, preparing, carrying out one or more of the outreach programs that this team has established and are developing for the future. Care packages for college kids, health kits, school kits, heifer projects, Visitations, etc.

Prayer Chain
Prayer Chain Connection - Pastor
Have your name added as a praying member of the Prayer Chain through phone connection.Services on Tape/CD
Would you like to use your abilities to record the worship services and put them on tape or CD to be used with visitations to the shut-ins.

Small Groups
Could you lead a Bible study or maybe you would just like to participate in one of the small groups that meet during the week or maybe you would like to start a new group.

Stephen Ministry
Stephen Ministry Chair
Do you like to help by listening to people talk and help them feel better when they are experiencing life difficulties. Then you could become a Stephen Minister. Training required in this confidential program.

Sunday School
Education Chair
Would you like to teach a Sunday School class, or maybe serve as a substitute teacher, or maybe help with planning our educational program or maybe take pictures of the classes and write an overview of what is happening in Sunday School classes. There are many possibilities, to use your talents within our Sunday School Program.

Pastor or Trustee Chair
Help with setting up and caring for sound systems, computers,
LCD Projectors, Networks, etc.

Trustees Chair
Help with planning for and caring for church property. Do you have skills in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, planning, etc.

United Methodist Men
United Methodist Men President
Do you enjoy leadership, planning, and fellowship with other women? Then you can be of help in the UMM.

United Methodist Women
United Methodist Women Chair
Do you enjoy leadership, planning, and fellowship with other women? Then you can be of help in the UMW.

Worship Team Chair
Persons to help take up the collection during church services. Ushers are divided into teams and serve one Sunday a month.

Youth Fellowship
Pastor or Youth Advisors
Do you enjoy working with youth? Do you like to lead and encourage young people to grow in their understanding of life with God? There is a need for your help with our youth.

Stewardship chair, Out Reach Chair or Littlestown Welcome Chair
Teams to visit those who have been absent for a period of time, Teams to visit those who are ill or unable to attend worship services and Teams to visit new comers to the Littlestown Community. Training available for each of these teams.

Worship Team
Worship Team Chair
Do you like to plan and decide on ways to improve our worship services? There are many ways you can make a difference in worship service if you decide to help with the worship team.

Printable Mail in Information form for Opportunities